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Concerts for Concern

Fundraising for Cancer Research

It is my dream not only to perform at the highest musical level but also to transcend this level and work for the common good.

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Concerts for Concern: Lessons
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Meet Concerts for Concern

Living My Dream

It has been my dream to fundraise for cancer research and feeding the homeless for as long as can remember! I am so grateful that it has finally become my reality. I cannot thank my board and C4C recital sponsors enough!!!

Concerts for Concern: Gallery
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Choose a Recital

Halloween Recital

Partita No. 3 by Bach, Preludio; Sonata No. 2 by Ysaye; Recitativo and Scherzo Caprice by Kreisler; Solo Violin Sonata by Bartok

Holiday Recital

Partita No. 1 by Bach; Holiday Sing Along Songs

Valentine's Day Recital

Girl With the Flaxen Hair by Debussy; Beau Soir by Debussy-Heifetz; Four Romantic Pieces by Dvorak; Estrellita by Ponce; It's Peaceful Here by Rachmaninov; Intermezzo by Provost; Leibesfreud by Kreisler; Leibesleid by Kreisler

Kreisler Recital #1

Caprice Viennois Op. 2 by Kreisler; Tambourin Chinois Op. 3 by Kreisler; Recitativo and Scherzo by Kreisler; La Gitana by Kreisler; Liebesfreud by Kreisler; Schon Rosmarin by Kreisler

Kreisler Recital #2

Rondino on a Theme of Beethoven by Kreisler; Variations on a Theme by Corelli in the Style of Tartinia by Kreisler; Chanson Louis XIII and Pavanne in the Style of Couperin by Kreisler; Sicilienne and Rigaudon in the Style of Pugnani by Kreisler; Praeludium and Allegro in the Style of Pugnani by Kreisler

Gypsy Recital

Zigan by Ravel; Zigunderweisen by Sarasate; La Gitana by Kreisler; Czardas by Monti

Eastern European Gems Recital #1

Roumanian Folk Dances by Bartok; Perpetual Mobile by Novacek; Hungarian Dance No. 1 by Brahms; Slavonic Dance by Dvorak; Romanze by Dvorak; Spanish Dance by Moszkowski

Eastern European Gems Recital No. 2

Polonaise De Concert by Weiniawski; Scherzo-Tarentelle by Weiniawski; Legende by Weiniawski; First Rhapsody by Bartok; Romanze byWeiniawski; Serenata by Moszkowski; Guitarre by Moszkowski; Four Romantic Pieces by Dvorak

Opera/Ballet Tunes #1

Melody from Orfeo and Euridice by Gluck; Meditation on the theme "Thais" by Massenet; Sabre Dance from the ballet "Gayaneh" by Chatschaturjan arr. Heifetz; Valse Bluette by Drigo; March from the opera "Love for Three Oranges" by Prokofiev-Heifetz; Masks from Romeo and Juliette by Prokofiev-Heifetz

Opera/Ballet Tune #2

Midnight Bells from "The Opera Ball" by Heuberger-Keisler; Alt-Wein by Godowsky-Heifetz; Anitra's Dance from Peer Gynt by Greig; Pizzicato from Les Millions D Arlequin by Drigo; Angel's Serenade from La Serenata by Braga; Berceuse from Jocelyn by Godard; Orientale from "The Kaleidescope" by Qui

English and Other Recital #1

Cavatina by Raff; La Capricieuse by Elgar; La Cinquantaine by Marie; La Precieuse by Kreisler; Base-Danse from Capriol Suite by Peter Warlock; Pavanne from Capriole Suite by Peter Warlock; Jeunnes filled au garden by Frederico Mompou

English and Other Recital #2

Aubade by Lalo; Snow by Sigurd Lie; Rigaudon by Rameau-Heifetz; Minuet by Mozart;Intermezzo Scherzoso by Saenger; Serenade by Drdla; Salut d' Amour by Elgar; Souvenir by Drdla; Dancing Doll by Poldini

French Recital #1

Rondo Capriccioso by Saint-Saens; Havanaise by Saint-Saens; Poeme by Chausson; Girl With the Flaxen Hair by Debussy

Choose Two of Your Favorite Ysaye Sonatas Recital

PICK TWO SONATES: Sonata No. 1 for Solo Violin, Szigeti, by Ysaye; Sonata No. 2 for Solo Violin, Thibaud, by Ysaye; Sonata No. 3 for Solo Violin, Enescu"Ballade" by Ysaye;  Sonata No. 4, Kreisler, by Ysaye; Sonata No. 5 for Solo Violin, Crickboom, by Ysaye; Sonata No. 6 for solo violin, Quiroga, by Ysaye.

Concerts for Concern is a 501c3 organization; contributions are tax deductible.

Concerts for Concern: Resume

From the Heart

Music and Philanthropy Meets Science

This is a video that my brother took at our very first Concerts for Concern recital held at the Shakespeare Club of Pasadena.

Concerts for Concern: Welcome
Concerts for Concern: Event
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